The commitment towards a sustainable development


The Gruppo Concorde vehemently supports strategies that encourage sustainable development and that have a focus on the health and safety of its staff in the workplace, as testified by the award of the OHSAS18001 certification to the majority of the companies in the group. The numerous LEED credits granted by the U.S. Green Building Council have also been obtained thanks to the high percentage of recycled materials used throughout our production process.

The health and safety of our workforce and the commitment towards the use of renewable energy sources is also evidenced by the complete removal of asbestos from all our production plants and the installation of solar panels on the roofs of our buildings.

125.919 tons

of non-extracted raw materials thanks to the recycling of raw waste

1.300 meter points

for power monitoring

65% of power consumption

covered by self-production

20.000 ton/year

CO2 avoided thanks to improved energy efficiency


of waste sent for recycling


recycling of raw waste


recycling of waste water


process certifications


product certifications

Socially responsible corporate culture


Gruppo Concorde has always promoted a socially-responsible corporate culture focusing on the promotion and improvement of local resources. In light of this, the Asilo Concorde was established, a kindergarten for the children of employees of the companies in the group as well as those of the local community, conceived as a project of excellence in terms of quality classrooms, educational program and the professionalism of the staff employed there.

Gruppo Concorde also supports the families of employees who find themselves in periods of unexpected difficulty, as was the case when an earthquake hit the communities around Modena, in May 2012. Numerous charitable initiatives and donations were also made by the company to support the local community who found themselves in need at the time.

Gruppo Concorde promotes a corporate culture focusing on the promotion and improvement of local resources.

Support to the young and culture

The Gruppo Concorde sets itself apart thanks to the way it gradually introduces young people into the world of work and thanks to the tireless promotion of important cultural initiatives. Every year a number of scholarships dedicated to the memory of Professor Cirillo Mussini are awarded to the most promising local graduates who have excelled in the fields of science and medicine.
As well as this the Gruppo Concorde also gives recognition to the best students at the “Barozzi” secondary school, an institute specialising in accountancy in Modena, in memory of the co-founder Ildefonso Tamagnini.
Thanks to its strategies of growth across the world, the Gruppo Concorde has also matured partnerships with numerous universities, and is constantly on the look-out for the best young talent who share their international ambitions.


Believing strongly in the notion that culture is the making of excellence, the group also promotes cultural events that involve science, arts and sports. In light of this, the Galleria Marca Corona is the perfect success story, a multi-media museum that gathers invaluable historical objects that embody the ceramic tradition in Sassuolo, merging past and present in a synthesis projected into the future.