My name is Romano Berselli, I’m 58 years old, and I’m a forklift driver for FAP ceramics.
I joined the Gruppo Concorde in 2003. I’m responsible for loading and unloading trucks with a forklift and for managing orders and warehouse areas.
I’ve always worked in the ceramic tile industry, and I think I can be considered "a good worker."

Ours is a demanding profession that requires great concentration. When stocking goods, preparing orders, and restocking we, forklift drivers, do our job with precision and reliability. After all, the ceramic tiles sent to customers are our company's business card. So we carefully check to make sure they’re shipped in the right quantities and in excellent condition.

One thing I really appreciate is the supportive atmosphere in our company.

I have a very good relationship with both my supervisor and the logistics engineer, and I feel supported even in the most difficult times.

Over the years we’ve tested together new organizational models and safety devices to improve our everyday work. Making even a small contribution to the evolution of our procedures is very rewarding.

I’ve worked in the tile industry my whole life. I can thus say that I grew up on "bread and tiles" as the owners of the Gruppo Concorde did. For this reason, I have great confidence in this company and believe that few people know our industry better than we do.

Quest’anno ho avuto la possibilità di iscrivermi, insieme ad una giovane neoassunta, a un master universitario sulla sostenibilità. Ho sempre nutrito infatti una sensibilità forte per le tematiche ambientali, come dimostra il mio percorso di studi. Sono sposato e ho due bambini e per me conciliare lavoro, famiglia e studio è impegnativo ma lo faccio molto volentieri, per crescere sempre.

Credo che la forza del Gruppo Concorde sia proprio questa: dare fiducia ai propri dipendenti assecondando le loro aspirazioni di crescita. Essere trasparenti, sia con gli junior che con i senior, crea infatti un giusto mix che rafforza lo spirito di squadra e il senso di appartenenza al collettivo.

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