Working with the Group

Why choose the Gruppo Concorde?

People who decide to commit to and invest in their own professional development have several reasons to choose the Gruppo Concorde.


Career Paths

Choosing the Gruppo Concorde means committing to a path of personal and professional development. On the one hand, we offer training, skill development, and growth; while on the other hand we demand dedication, energy, and a constant pursuit of improvement.

While respecting the company’s needs, we try to follow the propensities of individuals, confident that this adds value to the company.

More than 80% of the managers and function heads have grown through a career path developed within Gruppo Concorde.


Employees are offered training programs aligned with each individual’s development needs to help people realize their potential and develop their skills.
More than 15,000 hours of training were conducted by employees in 2022.

The Gruppo Concorde also cooperates with some of the major educational institutions.



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