The value of the organization,
a passion for beauty

Fourteen companies, one Group.

The Gruppo competes in international markets with 12 active companies, each with their own specific products and collections, supported by two raw material extraction and production companies. Each has its own independent positioning, and targets customers and designers around the world with its own production, sales, and marketing strategy. The Gruppo Concorde provides services to operating companies such as purchasing, human resources, financial planning, and information systems.

Vertical supply chain integration

The Gruppo Concorde is also directly active in the “upstream” part of the production process. Its involvement takes a variety of forms, with companies engaged in mining and processes for finding and sourcing raw materials in various parts of the world.

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International expansion

The Gruppo Concorde supports industry Made in Italy, which it promotes and exports worldwide with its Italian brands.

At the same time, the Gruppo is engaged in international expansion with local production facilities dedicated to their respective markets.

For the Gruppo Concorde international expansion never means manufacturing relocation, but rather the development of territories and markets to run business and invest in.

Company showrooms and flagship stores worldwide

Gruppo Concorde companies welcome customers from all over the world to their spacious, modern showrooms. In about 15,000 m2 of total exhibition space, beauty meets functionality and visitors can admire state-of-the-art ceramic surfaces.

These are joined by flagship stores in major international capitals of design and architecture. Three stores in Milan, in addition to those in London, New York, Paris, and Dubai.

Prestigious headquarters

The Gruppo Concorde’s headquarters are housed in an elegant mansion set in a century-old park of more than four hectares, equipped with conference rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool, and guest house in the 18th-century Villa Casino Vicini mansion. The entire accommodation is designed to welcome and host customers from all over the world, all year round.

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