Solidity. Innovation. Trust.

The future has a solid foundation

The Gruppo Concorde is among the leading industrial players in the global ceramic industry. Since 1969 it has grown by combining industrial excellence and corporate responsibility to the point where its operating companies have become a benchmark in the production of ceramic surfaces for international architecture.

Our vision

“We think that manufacturing is of fundamental importance to the creation and distribution of wealth, the essential factor of a modern democratic state.

Our daily commitment to the Gruppo Concorde aims at the continuous improvement of our operations, measured not only in the necessary financial results, but also in the way these results are achieved.

Corporate social responsibility towards the environment, employees, shareholders, local communities, and in general towards all the actors in the supply chain must be combined with a moral responsibility based on values such as work, honesty, and dignity, without which the results achieved today would not be as meaningful.

Inspired by these beliefs, we are committed to our way of doing business and our values for future generations.”

Luca Mussini

Executive Chairman

+1 Bil. €






+70 Mln. m2

Production Capacity

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An Italian group in the world

The Gruppo Concorde is an international company with manufacturing plants in Italy, France, the United States, and Russia, as well as flagship stores, showrooms, and sales subsidiaries on five continents.

Its headquarters are in Italy, in Fiorano Modenese, at the center of the world’s most prestigious ceramic district.

Gruppo Concorde in the world


Production Capacity


Sales subsidiaries and showroom


Flagship Store


Gruppo Concorde is an international company with Italian governance. For two generations, members of the same family have been running the company together with a management team with advanced professional skills, sharing the Gruppo’s spirit. The third generation is already active in the company, ensuring management continuity and consistency of values into the future.

Luca Mussini
Representing the entrepreneurs.

Federico Curioni

Managing Director
Representing the management.

The story continues

Since 1969, the Gruppo Concorde has grown in Italy and around the world both through acquisitions of companies active in the market and major investments in the creation of new production and commercial entities. A desire to take on the future with all its opportunities and challenges constantly drives the Gruppo Concorde to pursue continuous growth and improvement.