Major Certifications

  • Process certifications

    Gruppo Concorde companies are committed to the quality and sustainability of ceramic products, certifying that they meet the criteria of leading international bodies. Currently, Group companies boast 83 certifications and 23 environmental product declarations.

    • ISO 14001

      This is a voluntary based certification attesting to the existence and effective implementation of a company’s Environmental Management System that defines rules, procedures and endorses continuous improvement. This certification is affirmed by an independent body.

    • ISO 9001

      This standard establishes the criteria for a Quality Management System. ISO 9001 is based on quality management principles such as a strong customer focus, top management endorsement and involvement, a process management approach, and continuous improvement.

    • ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)

      This standard specifies requirements for health and safety in the work environment and establishes guidelines for their application to enable organizations to offer safe, healthy workplaces.

  • Sustainability of
    ceramic tiles.

    • ISO 17889

      The Gruppo Concorde, with its companies, was the first ceramic tile manufacturer in the world to achieve certification in the new ISO 17889 standard. ISO 17889 sets absolute levels of compliance in environmental, health and safety, and supply chain sustainability. This standard can measure the performance of products and assign a rating score. All of the Gruppo’s products made in the European Union and the United States achieve a rating between 126 and 128 out of a maximum of 130.

  • Environmental product declaration

    • EPD Environmental Product Declaration

      The EPD is a certified, voluntary environmental product declaration that allows the environmental performance of a product to be communicated objectively and according to codified criteria for informed, aware choices.

    • PEF Product Environmental Footprint Raccomandazione 2013/179/UE

      The PEF calculates the impact of a product over its entire life cycle, starting from the raw material extraction stage and continuing through its use and end-of-life disposal. It involves an initial impact analysis called LCA – life Cycle Assessment.

    • FDES Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire

      FDES is the environmental product declaration required by the French market. It involves a rigorous analysis of the product’s life cycle, taking into consideration its environmental impact at all stages of its existence.

  • Certification for buildings

    • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

      This is the main building sustainability rating. First launched in the US, it has since spread worldwide. Products made by Gruppo Concorde companies have a certification issued by one of the leading international bodies, enabling the designer to (significantly) improve the overall score of their project.


      Well is the US rating that attests to the healthiness of the building. Products made by Gruppo Concorde companies have a certification issued by an independent international body enabling the customer to improve the WELL rating of their project.

    • Footnote

      In this section only the most important and recognized certifications are reported. These certifications, given the difficulty inherent in obtaining them, demonstrate Gruppo Concorde's commitment in continuous improvement.

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