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My name is Stefano Toni, I’m 27 years old, and I’m a network and security administrator at the Gruppo Concorde.

I began my career seven years ago, right after finishing high school at the Corni Technical High School in Modena. During my senior year, another student and I were selected to work as interns for the Gruppo Concorde. Once I got my high school diploma I was contacted again by the company and it offered me a job in the Group's IT department.

I was very pleased to join a large international company like the Gruppo Concorde.

“The Gruppo Concorde presented me with great challenges, but also great opportunities, such as turning my passion into a job."

Computer systems have always fascinated me, and having the opportunity to engage with experts on a daily basis and learn how to use enterprise applications and networks has been very stimulating.

The task of the Group IT department is to adapt, integrate, and make the use of IT resources secure. We support Group companies from the simplest things like help desk and day-to-day computer issues to complex network, server, and backup system configurations. Each day we make sure that applications and their updates are working at their best, collaborating with local technicians and outside vendors.

A growing part of our work is cyber security. Threats to the security of large companies are growing more and more every day: phishing, malware, denial of service, and many others. Hacker attacks are the order of the day, and you always have to be ready.

For example, I remember once a hacker attack had risked making some passwords for accessing sensitive data public. It was Saturday afternoon and we rushed in to stop the breach, which fortunately turned out to be less serious than expected. That's why the continuing education we get here is as useful as ever: when it comes to digital technology it's impossible to remain stationary, and while this causes some stress since you never know when problems will arise, it’s very challenging and satisfying. My professional story shows how it’s possible to turn a passion like IT into a job.

I really like my work, and the Gruppo Concorde put me in a position to show what I could do. I did my part and together we built a mutually satisfying future.

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