Research never ends

The Gruppo Concorde has built its path on consolidated investment in research and technological development, in order to keep its production sites at the forefront of innovation and performance.

This has allowed the companies in the group to develop new application solutions, sizes and graphics as well as logistics improvement and services able to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.


Ceramic solutions for architecture and interior design

The brands that make up the Gruppo Concorde focus on a high profile strategy where technical performance, aesthetics, design and quality are able to meet any need of interior design and contemporary architecture.

Every single company devotes significant time and resources investing in communication and marketing strategies aimed at creating a unique identity to suit planners, retailers and consumers, so that every brand is recognized for its products, service and social responsibility.

A multi-brand strategy to meet any need of contemporary design.

Ethics and italian style


The Gruppo Concorde and the companies that form it have always been committed to the promotion and improvement of Made in Italy products and in fighting the counterfeiting and exploitation of genuine Made in Italy production. Made in Italy doesn’t only mean quality, design and style for ceramic tiles, but it also stands for a secure and reliable industrial process, the protection of the environment, social responsibly and the wellbeing and professional development of employees.

The Gruppo Concorde makes the transparent origin of its products a core value of its philosophy, market presence and customer service.