My name is Alessandro Bianchi, I’m 48 years old and I’m the promotions office coordinator for Mirage. My career in the Gruppo Concorde began 22 years ago, right after I got my degree in Environmental and Land Use Engineering. I chose to join a ceramics company because I was attracted to the opportunity to gain experience in an international setting, travel and learn about other managerial mindsets. I started in the plant as a Production Planner at Caesar, then worked in the engineering department at Mirage, and finally served as a sales manager, which was what I wanted to do most. For 15 years I traveled to Spain, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Holland, and England.

"I chose the Gruppo Concorde because I was attracted to the idea of entering an international setting."

Representing the Mirage internationally is a great source of pride. I was born in Pavullo, a small town of 16,000, so it's like taking my town with me around the world. Today I’m the coordinator of Mirage's promotion and sustainability unit. The Gruppo Concorde offers enormous possibilities: its stability and organization allow you to develop different skills throughout your career.

I have always enjoyed learning new things as they help me to regain the enthusiasm and energy needed to do my job well. This year, along with a young newly hired woman, I had the chance to enroll in a university master's program on sustainability. In fact I have always nurtured a strong sensitivity to environmental issues, as evidenced by my course of study. I’m married and have two children, and for me balancing work, family, and school is challenging but I do it very willingly, so I can continue to grow. I believe a strength of the Gruppo Concorde is precisely this: showing trust in its employees by indulging their aspirations for growth. Indeed, being transparent with both juniors and seniors creates the right mix that strengthens team spirit and a sense of belonging to the group.

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