My name is Alessandro Poli, I’m 23 years old, and I’m an electrical maintenance technician at Caesar ceramics.

My career began four years ago, after I graduated from the Corni Institute in Modena in the automation section. My work is varied: I’m involved in PLC (program logic controller) programming, the management of TGV automated shuttles, and follow the maintenance of all electronic devices in production departments and offices.

I joined the company at a very young age and from early on studied the operation of the machinery used in the ceramics industry.

“A year and a half before my apprenticeship contract expired the Gruppo Concorde hired me on a permanent basis."

We maintenance workers don’t have a daily work schedule, but instead fix problems in any department whenever they arise. When the phone rings we must be ready to act, whether to replace a simple light bulb or when it’s necessary to restart an entire industrial plant because the power went out.

Being able to manage unforeseen events and solve problems are indispensable skills for our work. Sure, sometimes we’re forced to stay in production beyond our normal working hours to solve unexpected problems, but when we manage to find the right solution the satisfaction makes the extra effort worth it.

In a short time I was able to earn the trust of my boss and the company.
A year and a half before my apprenticeship contract expired the Gruppo Concorde hired me on a permanent basis, which was very gratifying for me.

Over the years the company has also given me the opportunity to attend several training courses. I’m currently learning more about PLC 4.0 programming. This new technology allows us operators to connect remotely to some of the latest machinery, greatly simplifying our on-site operations.

I think my professional history shows how much the Concorde Group believes in the abilities of serious, determined young people. In four years my commitment has been recognized and my responsibilities have increased. For me, this means working in a positive setting that invests in people with constancy and responsibility.

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