My name is Gabriele Garuti, I’m 38 years old and I’m the marketing manager of Infinity.

My career began in 2010 at Mirage, where for seven years I contributed to the development of the company's exhibition spaces: trade show booths, and showrooms. The opportunity to work in the marketing area came up during the interview process. I had structured my course of study to work specifically in marketing, but being an engineer I had then addressed my application to a more technical position.

I was lucky, because a few years after I joined the company the Concorde Group started the Infinity brand, targeting new market sectors and international channels. I was thus selected to become marketing manager at only 33 years of age, and I was overjoyed. Being a part of this new project was very challenging: we had nothing to lose, but everything to build.

"The opportunity to work in a positive environment adds great value to the company's activities."

The chance to experiment, study, and identify the right business space, with the peace of mind of belonging to a solid international Group, gave us the stability that a start-up could never have provided.

These were very intense years during which I had the chance to meet people, have new experiences, and participate in prestigious events. Working for an international Group gives you a global view, getting to know a wide range of tastes, needs, and worldviews.

The Concorde Group puts a lot of emphasis on young people, placing them on important projects. Age isn’t a key factor because right away you have the chance to prove your worth and take responsibility. The confidence that this business conveys has appealed to me from day one.

I’ve always believed that work isn’t a break from normal daily life, but an essential component of life itself. The rapport with co-workers and the positive atmosphere in the Group's facilities is a determining factor in achieving individual and collective goals. The Concorde Group offers you the chance to challenge yourself, grow, and plan your personal and professional life.

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