My name is Amanpreet Kaur, I’m 27 years old, and I’m a project manager in operations and logistics at the Gruppo Concorde.

I began my educational and professional career within the holding company in 2019 by winning the Cirillo Mussini Prize, a scholarship dedicated to the memory of the Group's co-founder, awarded to a number of deserving undergraduates in the region. I was very pleased with that recognition and it greatly increased my enthusiasm.

Today I’m a project manager in the logistics function: my job is to follow projects in support of the Group companies, helping to improve their management and strategic organization. A fascinating aspect of my job is finding solutions: optimizing processes, improving flows, and simplifying the daily routines of operators by introducing new technologies.

"Optimizing the logistics performance of Gruppo Concorde companies is very challenging."

In the Gruppo Concorde I found a pleasant and informal working environment. Every day I freely engage with my co-workers in a setting that values teamwork. My manager always says: "New ideas com from talking."

Being involved during meetings is critical to achieving tangible goals. I’m very shy, but the willingness of my more experienced co-workers to give me guidance put me at ease right away.

Innovation is the Gruppo Concorde's way of being, and investments in young people and the latest technologies are the proof. When I entered the automatic warehouse for the first time, I was surprised by the equipment available to us. Being able to contribute to the logistical development of such a prestigious entity is very exciting.

My steady growth from internship to being hired is an example of the opportunities this Group offers to ambitious young people eager to prove themselves in a cutting-edge environment.

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