My name is Eletta Bassissi, I’m 55 years old and I’m the Accounting Manager of Ceramiche Marca Corona.

My career in the Gruppo Concorde began 27 years ago. I had just graduated as a chartered accountant when I was selected for the position of assistant to the administrative manager of Atlas Concorde.

Actually, when I applied I had specified my interest in marketing, but the Concorde Group saw potential in me that I wasn’t yet fully aware of. I trusted the company and resolutely began the training it offered me. Today I’m very grateful I did. After a year I expressed a desire to test myself in a managerial role, and the response was positive. The trust I placed in the Gruppo Concorde during the hiring stage was amply repaid, and I became an administrative manager at just 30 years of age.

“The trust I placed in the Gruppo Concorde during the hiring stage was amply repaid.”

I’m constantly looking for new stimuli, always wanting to test myself. Fortunately, my professional aspirations coincided with the parent company’s development goals.

In 2004 I was looking for new challenges and was given the opportunity to manage Novoceram, a French company that had just been taken over by the ownership.

It was a great experience. I was able to work with a team of people from the other companies in the Group and put myself to the test in an international context. I was always listened to and encouraged: the human factor is very important in this company.

My career is an example of how the Gruppo Concorde is adept at identifying the potential of young candidates by directing them to roles and areas where they can emerge. Individual resourcefulness is rewarded with tangible opportunities and by the synergies between companies that are part of an international group.

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