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My name is Francesca Serri, I’m 32 years old, and I am an HR recruiter for the Gruppo Concorde. I’m also in charge of coordinating the activities of the Asilo Concorde for the children of Group employees, which is also open to local families.

I studied clinical psychology at the University of Bologna, since 2016 I have been a member of the Register of Psychologists of Emilia Romagna, and I subsequently got a master's degree in human resource management. I've always been interested in being in contact with people and their development in the workplace.

A few years ago I came got to know the Gruppo Concorde, and when I was called for an interview some time later I was pleased that they remembered me.

"Curiosity and a desire to take on new challenges allowed me to accept an unexpected proposal."

I was hired as an HR recruiter. My main job, together with my collegues, is to search for talent for Gruppo Concorde companies.

Finding people that can help the company grow in all professional areas – from production to sales, from research to marketing – is a role of great responsibility. Through this job I was able to learn about the various managerial philosophies that distinguish our brands and improve my work by comparing a variety of needs.

Recently my studies allowed me to accept an unexpected proposal that was very challenging for me, especially given my young age. The director of the Asilo Concorde went on maternity leave and I was asked to temporarily replace her. I never imagined that I would receive such an important opportunity after only a few years with the company. Coordinating 14 people is a constant daily challenge and a wonderful opportunity for managerial growth.

I like learning new things, and I value dynamic experience very highly.

This is another advantage of working in the Gruppo Concorde: every employee knows that sooner or later they’ll have a chance to prove themself, in Italy or even abroad. I think the strength of the Gruppo Concorde is really its ability to develop people within the company. Young people are required to have the ability to test themselves. We strongly believe that those with potential will do well in any team or department. People who are curious, flexible, and open to new experiences are the added value of the Gruppo Concorde, a place where each individual's ambitions and personality can emerge in non-predetermined professional development paths full of opportunities. As it happened with me.

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