My name is Gabriele Pancaldi, I’m 30 years old, and I’m the deputy production manager at Landmark. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and started my career in 2017, dealing with production in the furnace department at Mirage. After an initial adjustment period, I felt the need to take on new challenges. The Gruppo Concorde understood my needs and gave me the opportunity to earn certifications in health, safety, and environment at Atlas Concorde, allowing me to become Prevention and Protection Service Manager in 2020. This experience has forced me to grow a lot, both personally and professionally.

"Changing countries is a life choice. Thanks to Gruppo Concorde, I've experienced a different approach to work."

In 2021 I was offered the chance to move to the United States to become the deputy production manager of Landmark. After careful consideration I realized it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. The manufacturing world has always fascinated me, and I would finally be able to deal with it fully, getting an overall view.

Changing countries isn’t just a work option, it’s an important life choice. My fiancée decided to follow me in this adventure to the US and has now become my wife. The plant manager taught me a lot from a technical point of view and guided me in adapting to the new reality, also because the American working environment is different from Italy, especially in terms of relationships with workers. Managing the production of a major ceramic tile company in the United States involves great responsibility and daily exchanges with people of different mindsets. A tough challenge that I’m taking on with passion and a desire to improve myself. My path is a testament to the Concorde Group's positive attitude toward employees, and the opportunities I’ve been given are concrete evidence of this. Getting to know another approach to work and dealing with a new lifestyle is certainly personally enriching for a young person who wants to try their hand in an international context.

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